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Welcome to the 24 hour Dubai Junk Removal Service.

We offer the most professional junk removal and waste collection services available. Our Dubai Junk collection team is the industry leader in customer service, not only collecting Junk but also disposing of waste in an environmentally friendly manner and even sweeping up after themselves. This is why we are proud to collect garbage! Using our online booking system, you can book a clean house, office, garden, or building. Our Junk Removal Dubai network is constantly expanding, and our Dubai base is leading the way, allowing us to expand our network across the UAE! Clearing your waste has never been simpler than with the leading junk collection service in Dubai.

Why Choose Us

For our customer service, we are now ranked as one of the top two best junk removal companies in Dubai.

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It doesn’t matter what kind of junk we collect, it matters that most of it is recycled. From collection, loading and recycling our staff does all the waste clearance in Dubai. Wide coverage with local teams in Dubai, UAE.


It is because of this founding principle that our company, as well as our clients, have become a defining force in the industry.

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    Except for hazardous waste, we can handle ANYTHING and EVERYTHING.
    Home and Office Junk Removal Services: Whether you are moving your office or want to remove Junk from your home, we can assist you in getting rid of unwanted Junk or e-waste.


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    Our Mission

    Our mission is to give you the tools you need to run a junk-free business. We believe in decency, respect, and trust. We adhere to the principles of commitment, community service, and hard work.

    Whenever possible, we reuse, recycle, resell, or remake your items. 60-80% of the garbage we collect is stored somewhere other than a landfill.


    We arrived on time. We value your possessions, property, and time. We are licenced and fully insured, and we are dedicated to providing a respectful junk removal service in Dubai.

    Respectful service

    Based on the type and volume of material you throw away, our team will provide you with a free quote.

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      The cost of junk removal is determined by the amount of space your items take up in the back of our truck. You can choose from several price ranges depending on how much you want us to transport. Give us a call if you’re not sure how much space your items will take and we’ll gladly give you a free estimate!

      We respect the environment at 24/7 Dubai Junk, and we do everything we can to ensure that the majority of your waste is recycled or transferred properly, rather than ending up in landfills. Our environmentally friendly approach to waste disposal and recycling has proven to be so successful that approximately 75% of the waste we collect is donated or recycled. Furthermore, we guarantee that we will answer all of your junk disposal Dubai questions, no matter what they are. So let Junk collection Dubai take care of the garbage and clutter while you relax.

      Hazardous waste, chemicals, gasoline, propane cylinders, and some types of paints are not permitted to be removed by our trucking crews. In most cases, however, we can assist you in disposing of these items in other ways.

      Give us a call if you need to get rid of your junk quickly. If you speak with one of our call centre representatives, they will advise you to schedule a junk removal appointment as soon as possible. We can accommodate even the busiest schedules with same-day and next-day appointments. By simply calling or clicking, you can easily schedule junk removal with us.